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The origins of face painting date back thousands of years. Civilizations like the Ancient
Egyptians, the Celts and the Native American Indians used it for many different
purposes e.g. tribal recognition, status, spiritual/religious ceremonies, camouflage,
hunting and to strike fear into their enemies in war.

Native Americans believed that face painting had a powerful spiritual meaning and that
certain colours represented different meanings. For example, green paint worn under
the eyes was believed to give special night vision powers to its wearer! The paints were
made from the roots/leaves of plants, or by grinding clay and coloured stones mixed
with oil.

By the twelfth century, face painting had lost some of its appeal and was more
commonly used for entertainment purposes, such as in the opera, where elaborate
designs would be used to enhance the character/costume.

In the 1960's there was a revival with the hippie movement. Symbols of peace and love
were painted on their faces and bodies to demonstrate their anti-war/society

It wasn't until the 1980's that face painting really became a popular form of
entertainment at parties, fairs and other special occasions. It is a great way to attract
people to an event, children and adults alike! It has also crept into sport. You only have
to watch our national game, football, to see the team colours/flags painted onto the
fans faces!

The History of Face Painting
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